Kara Tahta

Kara Tahta (S01E05)


While Atlas is torn between what he should say to Irmak and what he wants to say, his phone rings. With the news from Yasemin, Irmak and Atlas have to leave in haste. The wrong step that Kartal is about to take is about to darken his whole life. Atlas does not hesitate to do his best to save Kartal. Irmak decides to give her life a completely different direction with what she heard from Atlas. Although this decision disturbs Münevver and Bekir, Irmak does not give up. Atlas, on the other hand, cannot control his heart anymore and finds himself at the door of Irmak once again. Bekir is determined to finish Atlas with his grand plan. It seems that the great evidence Alexander holds against Bekir will also be a part of this plan. With Bekir's plan, Atlas is left in great chaos in front of everyone. It is a question of how to get rid of this chaos.