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Kara Ağaç Destanı

Kara Ağaç Destanı


The series follows Celal Aga, who covets all the lands in his region, seizes the lands of all the agas, and ultimately has his last rival, Osman Aga, killed. On the day of the murder, Osman Aga's wife, Raziye, delivers a son. Fearing Celal Aga's wrath, she entrusts her son to Celal Aga's wife, Asiye, who coincidentally gives birth to a daughter on the same day. This inadvertently makes Ömer the son of the man who murdered his father. On the other hand, the daughter born to Celal Aga's wife, Asiye, is kept a secret. Years go by, and Ömer matures into a young man who is beloved and respected by all, a stark contrast to his father, Celal Aga. Meanwhile, Sultan reappears in town, claiming to be Osman Aga's daughter, and seeking revenge. Fate intervenes, bringing Ömer and Sultan together many years after being born on the same day.
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