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In 1998, Elif Çınar, the wife of Rauf Çınar, one of the country’s leading economics professors, is stabbed by a thief named Necip Talan, who breaks into their home. The lives of these two families from completely different worlds change after that night. Rauf Çınar’s daughter Zeynep Çınar loses her beloved mother that night; Akay Talan loses his father, his only hero. Akay Talan, who was left anonymous, nameless and homeless overnight, has now sworn under the name Kara to ensure that no child will suffer the same fate as him by stealing from those who stole from us.

In the intervening years, Kara, whose nickname has turned into a name, has become a young man who meets the needs of his neighborhood with the thieving tricks he inherited from his father. Zeynep Çınar, on the other hand, returns to Istanbul after studying journalism. The only thing these two people of two different worlds have in common is that night. Whether they like it or not, life will bring them face to face once again, and even the obstacles in front of them will not prevent them from falling in love. But what happens when the truth comes out? As Kara embarks on the most crucial heist of his life to uncover the true face of that night, will Zeynep be able to face the truth? The mystery behind that night will come to light as the two are drawn to each other, but what will win? Love or the truth?


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