Kalp Yarası

Kalp Yarası (S01E03)


While Hande was trying to shoot Yaman, she accidentally shot Ayşe. The shooting of Ayşe turns everyone's lives upside down once again and causes great confrontations. Will Hande, who shot Ayşe, go to jail? Yaman, who is very happy that Hande and Ferit did not get married, thinks that he can get Hande this time. Yaman becomes even more ambitious when her ex-fiance's marriage to another girl makes Hande obsessed. Yaman begins to lose his innocence in the fight he will fight to get what he loves. What is the big secret of Yaman, who wants to destroy everything about the past and become a brand new person? Ferit, who will be deeply shaken by the shooting of Ayşe, makes an important decision. What will be Ferit's decision?