Kalp Yarası: Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 2 (S01E02) is the second episode of season one of "Kalp Yarası." The episode aired on ATV on Monday, July 5th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 58 users.


Ferit and Ayşe sit at the wedding table under the bewilderment of everyone, which marks Antakya's agenda. While Hande is experiencing great disappointment; Hüseyin and Zümrüt Varoğlu cut off all relations with the Sancakzades. Azade Hanım, whose future plans collapsed, does not accept Ayşe as a bride.

While Ferit is trying to convince everyone that he married out of love; Ayşe finds both Hande and Azade in front of her.
Even if Yaman loses everything, he does not let go of Hande; however, Zümrüt suspects that Hande is hiding something.




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