İnsanlık Suçu English Episodes

İnsanlık Suçu

Cemal works as a waiter to look after his family in a poor district in Adana. He loses his father to a lethal illness. His father’s last words to Cemal were to find his rich uncle at İstanbul. This hidden fact shakes Cemal deeply because his whole life went into extreme poverty and he even lost his father because of poverty. His uncle Sami offers Cemal a share of his wealth. Cemal’s mom is against this approachment because of their unpleasant past relations. However, Cemal decides to go to Istanbul and wants to take his share. In Istanbul, Cemal faces a very different world. In addition to struggling to adjust this new world, he falls in love with his cousin's fiancee. Cemal’s new life is full of sorrow, hard decisions and all of them will change him forever.