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İnci Taneleri

İnci Taneleri


Azem, who has a happy life with his wife and two children, is a literature teacher loved by his students. His life changes completely in a single night as he goes to prison for killing his wife. However the reality is different, Azem has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. Azem, who has spent several years between four walls, has only one goal when he gets out of prison: To find his children and to sit on a dinner table with them again. But this will not be easy at all. When he was imprisoned, his children were taken under state protection and from there they were adopted by different families. When he gets out of prison, he spends the first night in a nasty hotel which he would normally never choose. This is where he will cross paths with Dilber who is one of the hotel’s regular customers. nm bn Dilber is a young woman who earns her living by dancing in the pavilion. She is in trouble with her husband whom she cannot divorce, but will fall in love with Azem.An undefined relationship begins between Azem and Dilber. When Azem finds his children back, he wants to offer them a comfortable life. But because he has a criminal record, he can no longer teach in schools. That’s why he starts giving private lessons under a different name. Here he will meet Piraye, the mother of a rich student he is giving lessons to. An attraction will begin between the two, but Azem will be torn between Dilber and Piraye, who are very different from each other.However, there is one thing which Azem has forgotten: Time. While he has lost many years in prison, his children have all grown up in different families. Time has taken away a lot from him and his children. Will time be restored in the faith of hope?
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