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Hicran is a young woman who is trying to hold on to her life after the loss of her baby at birth. Every day, she wakes up shaken by a nightmare in which she tries to reunite with her daughter. Although she has been told that her daughter died at birth, Hicran has been living with a strong belief that her daughter is not actually dead.
One day, Hicran’s life changes when she encounters a young girl named Melek, who is locked in a car and having a respiratory attack. After she saves Melek’s life without thinking of her own safety, she finds herself in the detention centre on charges of “child abduction” due to the misunderstanding of Melek’s father. Although Hicran has a hard time proving her innocence because of Melek’s inability to speak, the police release her after watching the video footage of the event. When Melek’s father Emre finds out that Hicran is looking for a job, he convinces her to be Melek’s babysitter as he realizes that Hicran is the reason for his daughter being alive. Without knowing that she saved the life of her own daughter, Hicran starts living with Melek as her babysitter in their mansion. Emre has been engaged to her deceased wife’s distant relative, Yeliz, in order to not leave his daughter without a mother, although he does not know that she caused his ex-wife’s death and his daughter’s inability to speak. As Hicran starts living with this family at their mansion, the family dynamics start changing. Despite Yeliz’s intrigues against Hicran, Emre cannot stop trusting her and cannot remain indifferent to her glowing influence over Melek. While trying to balance his family life, Emre also tries to prevent Soner’s, Hicran’s ex-husband, attempts to kidnap Hicran, who has just been released from prison. Although the dramatic intrigues, power struggles and chaos surrounding the family, Melek and Hicran embrace each other with love, without knowing that they are mother-daughter.

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