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Hercai (S03E04)

Reyyan and Miran, who wanted to learn the real reason for the revenge that Azize spent years speaking, want to end this revenge without any more harm, decided to play a fake separation game.

While this separation increases the longing and passion between them to the highest level, the jealousy of Miran, who finds the lighter Aslan deliberately left in the next house, stirs up a lot.

Thinking that Reyyan is pregnant, Hazar decides to take them to Zehra to keep her and her baby away from the events. Hearing this, Miran seeks ways to bring the distant closer and brings Zehra back home before Reyyan leaves.

However, this move of Miran will cause unexpected events. Azize, who could not send Aslan away, is shocked when she sees the photographs of Reyyan on the wall of Aslan and makes him an offer that he cannot refuse to go from Midyat in order not to lose her heart to Reyyan for the sake of this love.