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Hercai (S03E02)

As the hostility between the two families increased with the shooting of Azat, the mysteriously emerged Aslan took the blame and dragged Azize into a great panic.

With the arrival of her only grandson, whom she raised out of sight, Azize seeks ways to send him right back.

Reyyan, who saw the moment that Azat was shot with her eyes, is in shock. She cannot make sense of Miran to do such a thing when they are going away.

Until she talked to him. It does not take long for her to learn the facts and stand by Miran, but this time her test is much bigger. Because the whole family, including Hazar, agrees that this marriage must end immediately.

After all these experiences, will Reyyan face her family and go with Miran? Is Aslan Aslanbey a friend? or is it an enemy?