Hercai: Season 3, Episode 14

Episode 14 (S03E14) is the fourteenth episode of season three of "Hercai." The episode aired on ATV on Friday, December 18th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 76 users.


The war between Azize and Füsun continues at full speed.

As Azize continues to search for Dilşah, who Füsun has been hiding for so many years,  Füsun does not stand still and continues to cause various troubles for Azize.

Reyyan, who was disturbed by the dessert she ate, thinking that it came from her father, passed out in front of Azize's eyes, who came to see if she was okay. Azize enters into a struggle alone to help Reyyan and the baby in her womb.

Reyyan was poisoned by Füsun. The situation of the baby and Reyyan is uncertain. Meanwhile, Azize warns the Şadoğlus and wants to say that it is Füsun who harmed Reyyan, so she secretly meets Nasuh for this cause and tells him that she is trying to save Reyyan.

Nasuh believed in Azize's words, but Reyyan does not remember anything about it. Thereupon, Azize asks Nasuh to meet her with Reyyan. Miran thinks that Azize is the only one responsible for what happened to his wife and goes after her. However, Azize disappeared in an instant, as if she had vanished.

Everyone except Nasuh thinks that she escaped because it was revealed that she poisoned Reyyan. However, a last-minute development shocks everyone and prevents them from looking for Azize.



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