Hercai: Season 2, Episode 20

Episode 20 (S02E20) is the twentieth episode of season two of "Hercai." The episode aired on ATV on Friday, February 14th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 143 users.


"Azize Aslanbey remains very strong, nothing you do will ever change that"

If they continue working together as partners, Miran specifically requests of Hazar to hide their current agreement from Reyyan to prevent her from being harmed. Making this decision makes it hard to lighten the disappointment Reyyan feels. Hazar, who cannot stand the pain of his daughter and Miran whenever they are separated, is not willing to end their love story even if it is for the sake of revenge.

With the play set up by Azize, Elif, who had to return to Aslanbey mansion, is badly hurt by what she heard. Elif, who no longer wants her loved ones to endanger her life with her grandmother's non-stop plans, gives a resounding response that Azize never expected be conclude her revenge skims. Azat, who knows very well what it means to love from afar, makes new decisions so that Elif does not experience the same pain, but Handan isn't a fan of this situation, thus causes a new crisis to arise in Şadoğlu family.

Meanwhile, the news of the presidential election of the board of directors falls on the to-do list of both families. Azize, who looks to regain her post as president, faces the danger of losing her most valuable fortress with a move by Gönül, who targets her as she holds her accountable for what she has done in the past.

Leaving aside all the negativities experienced to realize the dreams of the woman she loves, Miran prepares an unforgettable surprise for Reyyan on their first Valentine's Day together.




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