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The Turkish remake of the award-winning series, 'Your Honor,' which follows an idealist and honest judge whose life spirals out of control after he unexpectedly enters into a war to protect his son who is involved in a crime.

After his wife's sudden death, judge Ömer Arif Derman tries to build a brand new world for his son and himself. This new world shatters after his son, Ozan, gets involved in an accident that kills someone. Ömer Arif is then forced to give up on every principle he believes in to protect his son, having learned that the deceased youngster is the son of a Mafia leader. In time, Ömer Arif Derman will turn into a completely different man with his son's life in danger. In addition, the war he enters to protect his son will result in sacrificing himself blindly and sacrificing his loved ones.

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