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Gülcemal (S01E08)


Deva agrees to work with Gülcemal, which strengthens their bond. Gülcemal puts down the gun for Deva and promises not to act like a monster anymore. Gülcemal's change worries everyone, especially Vefa. A major security breach occurs. Zafer has lost his son. Armağan has left him. The municipality tender is taken away from him and he is faced with a very serious compensation payment. Moreover, the whole city is talking behind his back. While he is losing, Gülcemal is winning. She prepares a launch for the brand she will establish in partnership with Deva. When Zafer cannot make Armağan forgive him, he directs all his anger toward Gülcemal. It is time to take Deva away from her. He decides to complete the work he left unfinished last time. But what he doesn't know is that his son is also involved in the deadly plan he has thrown Deva into.