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Gülcemal (S01E07)


Having lost both Armağan and Deva, Gülcemal falls into a great silence. The silence is so great that everyone thinks she will give up and leave the city. On the other hand, Deva hides in her grandfather's house in the village with her father and brother and loses her trace. But part of her believes that Gülcemal will come and find her. A month passes and Gülcemal does not show up. In the days that pass, the foundations of Mert and Gülendam's relationship are solidified. Gülendam decides to tell her husband, the most honest person in the world, that she has lost the baby. However, shocking news awaits her. Vefa, who digs into Mert's past, learns that his ex-fiancée is Deva and falls into a big dilemma. Gülcemal comes to the door after Deva's phone call to Gara. But Deva does not want to talk to her. And Gulcemal kidnaps Deva. Will the apology expected for a month be given? Or will the two part ways forever?