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Gül Masalı

Gül Masalı


Gonca, a young engineer living in Istanbul, receives surprising news from the past the day her project was stolen and she was fired. This is a mysterious legacy from her mother, whom she lost when she was five years old...
In order for Gonca to inherit the inheritance, she must go to Isparta and fulfill the conditions of Mother Fatma. However, Gonca’s father, Tahir, strongly opposes this journey. There are facts that Tahir tries to hide and that he does not want his daughter to know. The life of a young woman who went to Isparta to find answers to all the questions in her mind and heart unexpectedly changes direction when she encounters Toprak Atabey, the son of the Atabey family, one of the important families of the city. Because every love waits for its season to fall into the heart...

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