Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


Seeing Emin, who left her years ago, Derya gets the shock of her life. Seeing Aylin at Mert's house, where she went to confront her when she heard her mother and neighbor talking, Gizem thinks that the two have a relationship other than friendship.

Thinking that the lie they told Derya will not be revealed, Mert and Aylin are unaware of Esra's plan. Esra confronts Derya in a very unpleasant way. As a result of this encounter, Aylin has to make a decision she never wanted for Mert and Derya.
While Melek thinks that she has made things right in her life, a phone call from her lawyer makes all her hopes fade. Aygün, on the other hand, tries to seduce Melek about İlyas, who wants her daughter from the neighborhood even though she knows the troubles of her daughter. İlyas, who has an obsessive love for Melek, is determined not to leave his love to Zülfikar.

Unaware that Derya is right next to him, Sadi Payaslı realizes that his quarrel with Songül has turned into a real double skirmish. Payaslı makes a date for dinner with a woman for the first time in years, but the night ends at an address she never expected.