Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


Those who are after Sadi Payaslı, who broke all ties with his past, have found their place. Moreover, it is a familiar person who found the trace of Sadi Payaslı. Araz and his gang are about to find Aylin, who is staying at Karabayır High School, but a hero emerges to save Aylin from this trouble. Melek and Zülfikar finally reveal their feelings for each other.

Payaslı, who realizes that he is being followed after school, organizes a small meeting party for Nuri's men who follow him. Worried about his brother Ozan, who did not come home, Zülfikar does his best to find Ozan. Sevda, Araz, and Vural return to their real jobs and steal the car they ambushed on the side of the road. However, Araz begins to suspect Vural's attitudes.

The days at Karabayır High School are tough for Mert. Feeling the absence of Gizem, Mert finally decides to go and apologize. The day of the parent meeting comes. A big surprise awaits Derya, who goes to school as Mert's parent.