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Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


The new assignment letter to the Attorney General gathers the Yılan team together. The team will be on the field for the operation, but Sadi is not among these names. Although Sadi's maturity in meeting the task surprises Songül, will Sadi really follow the instructions given this time? Understanding that something is wrong with Aylin's cold attitude, Araz wants to talk. However, an incident in the cafe they go to will cause their relationship to be revealed. Who will be the person Aylin asks for help, who wants to eliminate this danger? Even though Asuman doesn't like a move Kıvanç makes at dinner, he decides to use this situation to bring things between Mert and Derya. Derya will stay between her brother and the man she loves. As a new morning begins in Istanbul, Sadi finds himself in an environment he never expected, and the face he encounters here becomes a name that even Sadi did not expect.