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Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi

While Sadi and Songül are missing the men who came to Gizem's house at the last moment, the fact that the suitcase has not yet appeared makes Servet angry. While Sadi is waiting for Gizem to confess the fact that she has the suitcase, will Gizem make the necessary confession? Melek notices that the milk given in the nest of compassion smells and shares the situation with the principal. While Melek, who encounters the headmaster's harsh attitude, is punished, Can's surprise makes both Melek and everyone else in the nest of compassion happy. But no one knows what kind of trouble Can's good deed will cause him and his family. With the game of Sadi and Yılan team, Servet, who is left without money, becomes the intermediary between the two countries for the uranium exchange in order to provide hot money flow. But the Snake team, who learns that there will be uranium smuggling, takes their place in the place where the exchange will be made. Songul's disguise, which will enter the place by disguise, causes Sadi to have a jealousy crisis. While a problem in the barter allows the guns to be fired, will the team be able to reach the man of Servet, Hakkı, who is sitting at the table?