Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


On the way to go to Serdar, Sadi and Songül meet someone they never expected. Semih will unknowingly put them in another danger with his offer to Sadi and Songül.
When Esra learns who Ozan is, Sanem and Ozan are in a situation where they don't know what to do. Thanks to Melek, Zülfikar experiences the confrontation he expects with his brother. Saddened by Sanem's situation, Aylin can't stand what she heard while trying to talk to her mother and leaves the house.
While Gizem is trying to get used to her new life in the mansion, the disappearance of Aslı brings Türkan and Gizem's hearts to their mouths. While Gizem's hopes are exhausted, she cannot find Aslı anywhere she seeks, and Aslı enters the mansion's door with someone holding her hand.
Derya's notebook, which Mert finds by chance, brings him closer to the truth for the first time. Will the secret that Derya has been hiding for years finally come out?
Serdar, the student of his father, whom Songül met at the award ceremony, pays a visit to the traffic branch. Although the purpose of this visit makes Songül happy, it also makes Sadi unhappy. The name that gets into the car waiting for him in the solitude of the night is the harbinger of new adventures.