Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


While everyone at the circumcision wedding is talking about Sadi's zeybek performance, Sadi, who disappeared suddenly, confronts Kırdar's man on a roof. Melek goes to the hospital with Celal and her mother for the physical test requested by the court. Melek, who is waiting for Celal's walking will be proven during the examination, is surprised by the doctor's report.

Can, who went out to sell rice due to Mehmet's illness, encounters Arazlar. The involvement of Sadi Payaslı in the showdown between the two takes the event to an unpredictable point. Derya stops by the school to give the report Songül wants. But when she comes to school, Sadi is put in a difficult situation when he overhears the conversation between Sadi and Mert.

Gizem's mother, Türkan, gets a job at the house of Rıza and her little daughter. Reza is a very fond father of his daughter. Meanwhile, Türkan, unaware of Gizem, begins to make decisions about her life.

Osman Baba, who learns that he has a license plate on him, takes his breath away at the traffic branch and Songül is given the task of helping him. Sadi, who learns that the Kırdarlar and Osman Baba have started to act together, confronts Osman Baba to protect Songül.