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Gaddar (S01E01)


Dağhan is the eldest of a three-child family. He has led a modest life with his family in a middle-class neighborhood. Since he can remember, his sole goal has been to help his family and make them happy. He even had to postpone his own life, including marrying the woman he loves, for their sake. One day, after a heated argument with his father, Dağhan decides to join the military. While about to complete his duty and return, he learns that his girlfriend Aydan participated in a beauty contest without informing him. Unable to control his anger, he breaks up with Aydan, leaves his discharge, and joins the special forces.

After experiencing some traumatic events, he returns to his hometown to take a break. But he can't find anything as he left it. Aydan, the girlfriend he separated from, has disappeared. They have such a passionate love that even when they are apart, they are not completely separated, so not being able to find her hurts Dağhan a lot. His family has fallen apart. He learns that his sister has run away with a man, his younger brother has dropped out of school and gotten involved in illegal activities, and his parents are estranged. It turns out he was the one holding the house together; everything fell apart when he left. The neighborhood is not the same as before, bad characters have taken over, old friends have gotten involved in various illegal activities. The one who found the money has become the "Boss," and no one is asking where the mill's water is coming from.

In such a chaotic environment, a character called the "Director" emerges. He offers Dağhan a job: "Hitman." Dağhan vehemently refuses. However, as he tries to protect his best friend Samet, he finds himself in the midst of trouble. He realizes that he has to be ruthless to keep his loved ones away from this trouble.