Erkek Severse English Episodes

Erkek Severse

Zeynep (Büşra Develi) is a divorced single mom of two who parted ways with her unfaithful ex Oktay (Görkem Sevindik), whom she deeply loved during her university years. Zeynep loses her faith in men and closes her heart to love... until she meets Kenan (Alperen Duymaz). Kenan Acarsoy is one of the country's most successful businessmen. Being a single, handsome, charismatic, intelligent, sporty, helpful man, he has many women after him, but it is not easy to win his heart. Yelda (Yasemin Allen) is one of the women after Kenan, and she intends to carry the business partnership she and Kenan just started to marriage. Marriage is not an easy step for Kenan, who is a total workaholic. But then, after he meets Zeynep and gets to know her better, his mind starts to change, but with a fierce opponent like Yelda, things surely won't be as easy.