Elbet Bir Gün English Episodes

Elbet Bir Gün

In the basement of a deserted slum in Sazlısu, the remains of five people from the Yılmaz family are found. The family which got murdered fifteen years ago only leaves behind two sisters Nesime and Feride who disappeared. This brutality is all over the news and after journalist Murat Guven gets involved, the two sisters who have been unaware of each other for fifteen years come together. These two women whose characters and lives are completely different from each other now only share one goal; Not to get caught by Nesime’s ex-husband and their family’s murderer Cemil Baykan. Feride created herself a whole new life, got married with the young businessman Mehmet Kilicli and even changed her name to Gizem to fully delete her past. Meanwhile Nesime in spite of all her ambitions couldn’t get out of poverty and still had a child with the man she ran away with. The two sisters who haven’t seen each other for years have no other option than to act together to save their loved ones and themselves while keeping their secrets. It will be hard for Gizem to lie to Mehmet but what she doesn’t know is that Mehmet has his own secrets too. With his company in a tough spot Mehmet gets involved with illegal businesses with the help of his obsessive ex-girlfriend. With the lies everyone tells each other the circle will get smaller and each day they will get more and more in trouble.