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Duy Beni

Duy Beni (S01E20)


Ekim and Kanat reconcile, but Mevlüt's interest in Ekim goes to a sick place. Kanat decides to stay with Ekim for safety. Meanwhile, he organizes his friends and apologizes to Ekim about the past.

Melisa loses her role to Ekim in the theater play to be played at school. Ayşe is upset that she can't buy her very expensive costume. His father, Sedat, throws himself into difficult situations while trying to get this costume.

Rıza's trial is held and he is imprisoned, Leyla decides that she does not want to be a lawyer here, she wants to try acting, in which people live, not in real life.

The general rehearsal of the play comes and goes, Mevlüt has come here with his gun. Just when you are about to take action, it is shown 2 years later and what will happen in this process?