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Duy Beni (Hear Me)

While suspicions about Leyla's disappearance focus on Kanat, Ekim takes his side. They do research together at Kanat's house and Ekim saves Kanat from the police raid. Meanwhile, they suspect someone very close to Kanat and decide to follow them. On the night when Ekim and Kanat spend time together in the car until the morning, they tell each other things they do not know and romantic moments occur. Derviş goes out to dinner with Neşe and tells her about his dreams. On the other hand, he is secretly preparing to start a fire in the farmhouse. This fire is thought to have something to do with Leyla. Kanat finds Leyla's whereabouts and is taken into custody just as he is about to take action. Aziz tells the school that he has found Leyla's place, and takes everyone on a yacht trip, but this trip is nothing but a trap for them.