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Neslihan Turhan, known for her honesty, is a famous journalist at the peak of her career, hosting the "Tek Gerçek" program, which deals with missing persons and murder cases. In her last broadcast, while challenging one of the dark figures of the underworld, she uttered a very bold sentence, unaware that it would be the toughest test of her life. She said to the cameras, "Even if it were my son, I wouldn't spare him!"

Neslihan's world, built on honesty and justice, is turned upside down when her only child, Can, is accused of killing her friend Leyla. In the toughest broadcasts of her life, while searching for Leyla's killer on one hand, she also tries to keep her son's name out of it. Caught between protecting her son and revealing the truth, Neslihan faces the most important decision of her life; will she pursue Leyla's killer even if it means putting her son in prison?

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