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Dönence (S01E02)


Verda and Harun pass by a ruined house and notice Cem's car. Verda thinks that she has to confront whether it was a mistake made by her husband. When she meets Cem's business partner Ufuk, a tense atmosphere develops. Meanwhile, Miro and Gece have a jealousy crisis because of Özgür. When Gece rebels against Miro and cries, it eases the tension between them. Events develop rapidly with Gülce's disappearance. Gülce goes to the bus station to join Alican and drops her phone while getting on the bus. No one can reach Gülce. Sera persistently searches for Gülce's phone and talks to a man who finds it. They go to the bus station to pick up the phone. They learn that Gülce is trying to go to Alican. Meanwhile, Gülce is disturbed by a group on the bus and gets off. She goes to a grocery store, the store employee realizes that Gülce is in trouble and wants to help her. Gülce calls her mother and gives the address of the market. Gece and the others go to Gülce. They breathe a sigh of relief that they have found Gülce. When Miro continues to be jealous of Gece, the two get tense again. On top of that, Miro gets on his motorcycle in anger after arguing with his family. He crashes into a girl on a winding road at high speed.