Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir: Season 2, Episode 15

Episode 15 (S02E15) is the fifteenth episode of season two of "Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir." The episode aired on TV8 on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 5 users.


In prison, Mehdi marries Benal to see his baby more comfortably. Zeynep and Barış, on the other hand, are in a bumpy rapprochement that they do not dare to name. The fact that Mehdi's mind is still in Zeynep narrows the Circle in which Mehdi is located, while Zeynep now wants to look at the horizon. But the burdens from her past will haunt Zeynep. Mehdi's family insists that Zeynep withdraw her complaint so that Mehdi will be released from prison. Under these pressures, Zeynep questions the concept of punishment as a lawyer, the concept of freedom as a woman, while Mehdi's family leaves him alone with a completely different feeling: vebal…

Barış has an unexpected guest who breathes new life into their home: their uncle Ali Riza from Rize. Ali Riza's secret plan on his arrival in Istanbul is to build a home for Barış: he immediately notices the Sultan's dexterity in garbage collecting, and a new alliance is born.

A bad surprise awaits Mehdi in prison: The men of Veysi, who killed Mehdi's father, trapped him in prison, leaving him with a life-or-death struggle ... 


Even though that they are divorced, and their troubles date as far back as their wedding day; Zeynep has always worried that Mehdi was going to get himself into trouble, or that life was going to throw at them a test that would result in them struggling to stay alive. Now, all of those worries have come back to haunt.

Regardless of the anger she feels towards Mehdi, Zeynep is yet again is going to be forced to make a decision whether she will have to stand by his side again….



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