Destan (S01E07)


Learning that Balamir will shed blood and blame Claw, Akkız returns to the palace. She brings Kün Ata with him to heal Alpagu Han's wound. In return for her life, she has two trump cards; Two prisoners in the hands of Çolpah Hatun.

Determined to fight if necessary to get his sons back, Alpagu Han wants to wear his armor and what he realizes leaves Akkız facing death.

Colpan Khan, who negotiates a ransom with Alpagu Khan for the captive tegins, makes the relations between Dağ and Gök enter a new era, but the terms of the agreement devastate both Temur and Günseli.

Temur tries to burn the ships. Günseli's offer of help from an unexpected person puts the Gök Khanate in great trouble.

Akkız and Batuga bond well with each other during this process where they learn very shocking things. While Batuga tries to save Akkız's life, he and Akkız make a plan to catch Balamir red-handed.

However, Balamir has played big this time and the plan that will change everyone's life is working perfectly.