Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E09)


Berrin and Tamer, who come together to make their daughter Damla happy, are stunned by Peri's sudden raid. Seeing them together, Peri's reaction would be great. Tamer asks Peri to account for the incident that happened in front of her child. Even when they have their first big fight, their passion for each other prevails.

Dilber, who claims to be Bülent's daughter, confused Meryem. When Aysel, who wants to get information about her father's past, finds out about the situation, she presses Meryem to go after the job.

Peri's latest event causes Berrin to change her mind. When Berrin, who has given up on divorce, takes action to challenge Peri, Tamer finds herself in a big conflict.