Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Elif drowns in the sadness of not being able to fulfill Cemil's will.  Ümran goes against Elif, saying that her son will always have to love other people's children. Elif decides to go to a doctor again for Fırat, despite the fact that she has eroded the doors of doctors in the past.

Sinan, the man Dila takes care of, is Elif's new doctor. Dila is yet unaware of this fact. While Elif sincerely wants Fırat to be a father, even if there is a small possibility, she learns that Sude got pregnant from Fırat in time. With the provocation of Dila, Elif feels as if she is among them.  

Gülümser tells Eşref that they will not meet until their children get married. Eşref decides to speed up the marriage of Alper and Fulya.  

While waiting for the results of her tests, Elif hides this situation from Fırat, she does not want to give her hope in vain, but events develop as she never expected.