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Benim Hayatım

Benim Hayatım


Hayat is an idealistic girl, who moves to İstanbul from her hometown to pursue a career in fashion despite of her difficult situation. She makes her father Ökkeş comes too just for her dreams. Hayat participates in Harisoğlu Holding’s contest for designing costumes. The model who was supposed to wear the dress she designed, gets fired. She offers to wear the dress herself, but Ahu, the executive, won’t accept it. While crying, the corporate lawyer Ali sees her. He orders Ahu and helps Hayat. Hayat goes on stage in her own costume. The Holding’s boss Yılmaz and his wife Şaheste get shocked when they see Hayat. Yılmaz sees the replica of her older love Nilgün. After seeing his daughter modeling, Ökkeş gets angry, grabs her daughter and takes her outside. Yılmaz who notices Ökkeş gets shocked after seeing his old enemy. Ökkeş is thinking they cannot make it in İstanbul and wants to take her daughter back to their hometown. Hayat doesn’t back down and starts cleaning houses in order to earn money. When Ökkeş sees that his daughter won’t give up, starts working as an unlicensed taxi driver. On his first day of work, he gets caught by the police and runs up a lot of debt. After contracting some people to follow Ökkeş, Yılmaz sees him and offers him a job in order to make him dependent on himself. Even though he needs the job, Ökkeş doesn’t accept the offer because of his pride. When his first plan doesn’t work, Yılmaz makes Hayat win the contest and grants her a scholarship. However, his real purpose is to take revenge for the past. Oblivious of these plans, Hayat gets so happy, but she still needs to convince her father. Yılmaz’s interest in Hayat scares Şaheste. She thinks he will marry her to her son Ufuk. She goes to Hayat’s house in order to prevent this. She offers her a large amount of money and tells her to go back to her village. Hayat stands against her and doesn’t accept the money or the offer.

After this humiliation, Ökkeş gets angry with Yılmaz. Yılmaz invites father and daughter to dinner to apoligize. Şaheste apologizes in front of everyone but still keeps on needling them. Suddenly, Yılmaz explains the real reason for the meeting. He turns to Hayat and says: “Will you marry me?”.

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