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Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Belkıs intervenes and demands that Cezayir provide evidence of Tura's actions. Meanwhile, Tura must both prevent Cezayir's witness Sandıkçıoğlu from speaking and deal with the increasing scrutiny from Russian intelligence.

Suna, not receiving the support she expected from Leyla, takes action to uncover Arzu's secrets. Under Tura's pressure, Arzu becomes even more cornered, leading to a situation that reveals her true nature and heightens the tension at home.

Cezayir responds to Tura in an unexpected way, shifting the balance of power. In retaliation, Tura sets a significant trap to eliminate both Cezayir and the Russians.

In the gripping finale, Cezayir faces a critical decision between his family's safety and Tura's demands, leaving everyone holding their breath.