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Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


When Erman Barka learns that Cezayir survived the plane that took him to America, he contacts Müfit and demands that he be captured and put on trial for Komer's murder. However, Müfit rejects this request, saying that there is no evidence that Algeria killed Komer. But Erman will not stop. With the help of US intelligence, he manages to impose an embargo on Cezayir and the Dayılars, preventing them from selling arms. 

Revolting against the situation, the Dayılars raise the flag of rebellion against him, saying that the only reason for the embargo is that Cezayir killed Komer. Cezayir then breaks the table and leaves the Dayılars completely. The Dayılars, who are in a tight spot, go to Erman to get him to lift the embargo. Erman says yes to this request on one condition; the Dayılar will agree to sell his drugs.