Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Cezayir and Dumrul face each other and point their guns at each other. Although Dumrul has the opportunity to shoot Cezayir, he does not shoot Cezayir. When Cezayir asks Dumrul why he did not shoot him, the answer he receives makes Cezayir even angrier.

While Cezayir plans to get rid of Dumrul and Tatavlalı, Dumrul makes an offer to Tatavlalı. If Tatavlalı fulfills the task he receives from Dumrul, he will gain the freedom he has dreamed of.

Firuze is very disappointed with Dumrul, her foster father. The stress she is going through becomes too much for Firuze.  Considering that the lives of her children are also in danger, Firuze makes a decision that she thinks will be good for everyone. A surprise accompanies Firuze's decision. 

Leyla tells Cezayir about the dream she has been dreaming for years. Cezayir decides to fulfill Leyla's dream, who has stood by him despite all the hard times. 

Why doesn't Dumrul kill Cezayir? Will Tatavlalı be able to fulfill the mission he received from Dumrul? Will Cezayir's plan against Tatavlalı and Dumrul work? What is Firuze's decision? Will Leyla's dream come true?

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