Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E01)


Kara and Gülayşe are getting married. But is Gülayşe Barbaros love really over? Did Gülayşe bury her love and say yes to Kara for revenge, or is there something else involved?

Barbaros saves Gülayşe, whom he abandoned at the wedding table, from the accident. Gülayşe is now all alone with her dying father. How will the balance change if something happens to Nizam?

The firebirds are shattered when the lies they told to Gülayşe are revealed. And Gülayşe doesn't even let them enter the hospital when they want to visit her. Will the Firebirds be able to forgive themselves to Gülayşe?

What happened in Kara's past to make her so angry at the Firebirds, who were once her sisters? And what is the reason for her appearance right now?

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