Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E06)


Gülayşe's anger towards Ali darkens her eyes. He asks Barbaros to kidnap him. While Gülayşe and Barbaros, who are riding the dragon, say goodbye to the break, Firebirds face losing Gülayşe, whom they cherish. Ali and Zıpkın are after Mete, the person who knew Barbaros to find Gülayşe.

Naz and Menderes are in front of Gülayşe, the baby they left in the trash 20 years ago!

The Firebirds' worst nightmare comes true. Gülayşe falls into the trap of Çatal this time.

In the past, Ali's plan works and they manage to get rid of Fork. But this time, Kara is not in the middle. The same car is after Kara, who is separated from the Firebirds. Will the land be saved?

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