Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E04)


While Ali is trying to protect Gülayşe from Çatal and Mercan and Zıpkın are trying to reunite her with her father, Gülayşe is disillusioned with Yakup and dives into dangerous waters. She enters the fork's lair. She also steals Catal's stash.

Mercan and Zıpkın follow the traces of the past in Eyüboğlu Mansion and are determined to prove the culprit. Harpoon's plan begins to work smoothly. But will Eyüboğlu hire Mercan without an ID? Will Zıpkın and Mercan find the woman who trashed Gülayşe that night twenty years ago?

Çatal, who is after Gülayşe, is now after her money and is even more dangerous. That money will get Catal one step closer to the Firebirds. The fraternal bond of the Firebirds will give a completely different test this time.

In the past, the rootless people who tried to look at Gülayşe as their eyes by running away from Çatal finally got caught. How will the Rootless manage to protect Gülayşe this time?

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