Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E20)


It falls to Gülayşe to break the news of Barbaros' mother's death. Barbaros is devastated by this painful news. Will Barbaros believe that his mother committed suicide?

Pamir manages to break Çatal out of prison, but Şirin's death pits Naz and Çatal against each other. But Naz has new plans that he wants to make Çatal a partner. Will Naz succeed?

Nizam is saddened by the loss of Barbaros, but Naz plays into Naz's hands and objects to Gülayşe being with Barbaros in his mother's absence, but the lovers stubbornly resist, and Barbaros even goes further and asks Gülayşe to marry him. When Nizam hears this, all hell breaks loose! So what will Gülayşe do? Will she choose her newly reunited father or the love of her life, Barbaros?

Kara starts to play with the minds of the Firebirds. Sare gets a clue about Kara's whereabouts. Thinking Kara is dead, will the Firebirds be able to get out of this vortex? Is it really Kara?

In the past, the Köksüzs are walking towards Nebahat's trap, unaware of what will happen, and this trap will cause them to lose Kara.

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