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Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S01E18)

Nizam Eyüboğlu imprisons his daughter in the mansion to protect her. But this behavior causes Gülayşe, who cannot see her sister, to rebel. Will Nizam Eyüboğlu be able to make amends with the daughter he finds after 23 years?

Barbaros and Gülayşe are on Nizam Eyüboğlu's radar. But Barbaros has no intention of giving up on this love, on the contrary, he seeks to cleanse his love from all secrets.  He takes his mother to Sare, withdraws from the case, and confesses to Gülayşe that it was her mother who first took her from her crib. How will Gülayşe take this confession? What will happen in the room where Gülayşe was born?

Now Çatal and Menderes are facing each other in court. Will Çatal tell the whole truth about Menderes? Will Naz's plans work?

Mercan's shooting devastates the Firebirds. Barbaros goes after Pamir who pulled the trigger. On the other hand, Çatal realizes that the real target is her son and tries to protect him. Ali and Zıpkın are horrified to learn that Mercan cannot walk. While Ali goes crazy with the pain of the woman he loves, Zıpkın cannot bear to see his Cano in this state and burns the ships. Ali, Zıpkın, and even Barbar swear an oath to punish Menderes.

Shortly after these vows for Coral, Menderes is executed with a single bullet to the head! His wife Naz goes crazy! So who is the one who killed Menderes?

In the past, Mercan sells her shoes in order to make Sabit and the Köksüzler happy like a mother, who cannot get over her mother's grief.