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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Cunning Single Lady)

Esra lost her memory after the accident she experienced. She does not remember that she married Ozan or even made the proposal to him. All around Esra, especially Ozan, tries to remind her of her past. Esra, whose whole world is turned upside down in an instant, tries to adapt to this new situation and to remember her past lost in her mind. Ozan tries to restore Esra's memory by reviving the moments they lived in the past, but Esra does not remember despite all her efforts. When Ozan is about to lose all hope, Esra comes to him with an interesting offer; they will create new memories for themselves from scratch. Do events bring two people together? Or, if those two people were made for each other, would they come back and fall in love again no matter what?