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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Cunning Single Lady)

Ozan and Esra were dismissed from the company due to Efe's tricks. Ozan is determined to do everything he can to win back his company. Ozan, who does not want Esra to live in the same building with Efe, makes sure that Esra returns home as the first thing. After that, Ozan and Esra start looking for ways to reach Hilmi and tell all the truth, but Hilmi's decision is clear, he will not meet with them. Realizing this, Esra and Ozan decide to find Hilmi's house outside the city and confront him. But there is an obstacle in front of them. He complained about Efe Ozan saying that he had attacked him before. Will Ozan and Esra be able to tell Hilmi the truth? Will they be able to get their company back and finally have the long-awaited reunion?