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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Cunning Single Lady)

Esra has been kidnapped by Rüya and Barış. Ozan, who goes to Rüya's house unaware of what happened, realizes that something has happened to Esra and makes Nilgün talk. Ozan is neutralized when he goes to the place where Esra was kidnapped with Nilgün. Esra and Ozan will have a reckoning with the past during their stay. Dream and Barış demand a ransom in exchange for the life of the duo. Menekşe, Yalçın and Zümrüt, who learned the situation, go to save their children.
After the confrontation they went through, the ice between Esra and Ozan was thawed. Esra organizes a surprise celebration for Ozan's upcoming birthday. But this birthday party will end unexpectedly.