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Aşk Mantık İntikam (Cunning Single Lady)

Seeing that Esra was very attentive to him after the accident, Ozan does everything to use this situation. Finally, Esra realizes that Ozan is playing tricks on her. Saying that she will take care of the photo shoot that will take place that day with Efe, she leaves Ozan at home and goes to the company. Of course, Ozan does not stop and goes to the shoot. But Esra's plan backfires. Andrea, whom Ozan knew from a previous shoot, will this time cause Esra to be jealous of Ozan. This wave of jealousy causes Esra and Ozan to become very close. However, both Esra and Ozan cannot talk about it because they are afraid of being offended. Until the founding party of the company, that is, on the evening of Valentine's Day...

As Esra's suspicions about Rüya increase, Ozan learns from the expert report that came a few days after the accident that Esra's car was sabotaged. Ozan will understand the whole truth when he looks at the camera records. However, Esra, who learned the truth about Rüya, does not know that she went to Rüya's house to talk.