Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 27

Episode 27 (S01E27) is the twenty-seventh episode of season one of "Alev Alev." The episode aired on Show TV on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 12 users.


After it turns out that he is alive, Çelebi begins to try all means to escape abroad.  As he darkens his eyes to catch Omer, Çelebi before he escapes, an unexpected name supports him.  

Cemre finds an angry Seher as she runs to Ozan, who is undergoing surgery.  Cemre, who cannot return to the neighborhood because she is afraid of Çelebi, makes a move that will attract the attention of the public.

While Tomris and her team are doing everything they can for Ozan in surgery, the Yedikule Neighborhood will be eye-and-ear.




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