Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 19

Episode 19 (S01E19) is the nineteenth episode of season one of "Alev Alev." The episode aired on Show TV on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 14 users.


Ali and Iskender fight over Çiçek, which draws attention to Cemre’s thoughtful state when she returns to Çelebi’s house.  While Iskender’s answer to Ali’s question “Are you in love with him?” is a matter of great curiosity, Çelebi’s menacing remarks to Cemre are increasing tensions.  

In the introduction where there are tense moments between Ruya and Zeyno, the pleasant moments of Çiçek, Iskender, and Atlas warm the heart.  

While Çiçek’s positive words about Iskender provokes Ruya’s reaction, it is notable that Çelebi and Cemre act as of everything is fine against the outside.  While it is a question of what Ozan will do in the face of this situation, his conversation with Cemre increases the excitement.




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