Aldatmak (S02E23)


Sezai's struggle for life drags Güzide and İpek into a striking confrontation. Ümit and Yeşim, who receive good news, experience a big leap forward in their business. Having lost her trump card against Tarık, Yeşim resorts to new ways to maintain her superiority over her husband.

Struggling with his conscience, Tolga once again confronts the seriousness of Selin's situation. Meanwhile, an old friend who enters his life will make an unexpected surprise for him. While Oylum has found peace with Kahraman, she does his best to stay away from Tolga.
Güzide gets courage again to find her son. But she is not the only one digging up the past. The secrets of the Dicleli family will intersect with an unexpected name...

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