Aldatmak (S02E22)


While Oylum and Kahraman are enjoying their new life, the Kaşifoğlu couple is having a hard time. Tolga, who has to stand strong for Selin's sake, is unaware of what Serra is planning. Sezai's choice to protect his daughter instead of warning Güzide of the danger she is in leads Güzide to make a difficult choice. Sezai, who tries to keep both İpek and Güzide in his life, is about to lose them both.

A new face appears with findings that can save Yeşim and Ümit. There will be an unexpected development in the case that will affect everyone's future. Tarık does not miss the opportunity he finds to destroy Yeşim's trump card. Unaware of Tarık's plans, Yeşim will begin to lose her power against her husband...

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